Who am I?

I’m student of technical university in Czech republic and one of my hobbies is IT. I’m user of Arch Linux on my laptop and I’m also running small home server hosting several websites of my friends and myself.

Everything I’ve learned I’ve learned on the internet, which is full of great guides and tips. But sometimes it was really stressful - 10 different guides from different authors on different versions of specific software.

There is also missing bridge between guides for beginners (or normal users) and for professionals. Unfortunately for me I’m somewhere middle of this two groups.

Second motivation for me was also the fact that I’ve terrible memory and started to forget all useful things. So this also serves as kind of a notebook for me.

What are these guides about

So I decided to write guides for this middle class. In these guides I’m going to cover several topics as it’s coming to my mind.

Main areas of these guides are:

  • Linux (mainly Arch Linux)
  • systemd (I’m happy user :) )
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Configuration of server
  • Domains, IP addresses, redirecting


Keep in mind that I’m not profesional.

Everything you find here is without absolutly no waranty and I’m not responsible for any inconveniences or issues that might occurs.

Solutions I propose also don’t have to be the best or might be far from perfect! On several parts of these guides exists different configurations, tools, packages... This is just one of them which I chose. Feel free to find more about them and find which fits you best!

Some remarks

When I feel that some topic is covered solidly somewhere else, I will redirect you there. So think about this also as summary of available materials.

Somewhere is necessary to know some basics about Linux and terminal. I’ll try to remark them.

Sometimes I might be improper in explaining some terms or details. This might be mainly because of two reasons:

  1. I don’t understand enough to explain it better
  2. It’s not necessary you to know it for our purpose

I hope I’ll be able to explain all things somehow human-likely. If you want to know technical details, just find them on your own :) .

On GitHub repository of this guide you can find some of my configs from both of my machines - laptop which I use as a work station and for fun and RPi which is server for several of my websites, FTP, SSH...

One extremely important remark - USE GOOGLE!

My English

My English isn’t great, but I believe it’s good enough to understand what I’m trying to explain.


I’ll be really happy for you feedback - don’t hesitate to ask about some additional info or next guides and also if you find some mistakes, please let me know.

Both can be done by submitting an issue on git hub, where are these guides placed.